Frequently Asked Questions on BEO Travel.
Reservation can be made by calling the phone number: 02 8781 1960.
Delivering electronic tickets carry through e-mail. In the case when issuing paper ticket, the traveler must carry with themeselves or in special cases, we can deliver by courier. Pickup available in our office.
The basic classification of the luggage: hand luggage and baggage to be checked (checked baggage). Depending on destination and class of travel companies are allowed different weights of luggage. If you are traveling in economy class, the majority of airline baggage weight allowed is 20kg + hand luggage, suitcases with limited dimensions. Hand baggage must be within the 5-10 kg very limited dimensions. Since March 2007. The regulations apply on liquid intake in the plane. Excess baggage is charged mainly at the airport during check-in and rates vary from carrier to carrier.