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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Australian passport holders buy real estate in Serbia?

Yes, foreigners can buy real estate in Serbia, according to the principle of reciprocity, which means that even Serbian citizens can buy property in their own countries. Serbia has signed an agreement of reciprocity with Australia.

Foreigners in Serbia under applicable law can not be the owners of agricultural land only.

Do you provide legal services when buying real estate?

In cooperation with our partners, we offer to all of our customers - a complete legal service when buying or selling a real estate.

Our long term experience combined with our understanding that each purchase or sale is unique - we provide all legal assistance related to:

1. Contracts of sale
2. Verification of all types of legal documents:
• Building permits
• Certificate of Title
• Excerpt from the cadastre

3. Documents related to the tax
4. Double-checking of various types of documents

The difference between the registered and unregistered property?

Registered property may be subject to a mortgage, which means that you can purcahse the desired property, on credit through a bank or financial institution.

Property can be registered only if the all the documentation is absolutely correct (eg. facility has a building permit and use permit). For the specific real estate in the cadastral office, it can be verified exactly who is the owner of a given property, whether real estate has encumbrances (mortgages), and basic data about real estate (land surface area, etc).

Unregistered properties do not depreciate in value, because the legislator has stipulated that there is no difference between registered and unregistered real estate. The ownership of all properties (registered and unregistered) is proven by verified contract of sale in court or other legal order. However, sellers whose property is registered, gain in price, as funding for such property has more potential buyers (cash buyers and/or mortgagors). Therefore, we are advising all sellers to register their property whenever possible.

What are the conditions required to register a real estate?

In order to register a specific real estate (house, apartment, local) the following elements are required:
- verified contract of sale
- construction permit
- A copy of the basic design

What is the tax and who pays it?

Sales tax (tax on transfer of absolute rights) in real estate accounted for 2.5% of the estimated value of the property by authorised body - of the tax department of the municipality where the property is located.

The legal obligation to pay this tax burden falls on the Seller, but is a perennial common practice that the same buyer pays the tax on behalf of the Seller - to give guarantee to the Buyer that the tax will be paid.

Do you translate documents?

Yes. Our employees will provide professional translation of documents from English into Serbian and from Serbian to English. We offer a professional translation of documents with or without justice of peace certification.


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