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14 - 18. August

Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

05 - 11. August

The Guča trumpet festival, also known as the Dragačevo Assembly, is an annual brass band festival held in the town of Guča, near the city of Čačak, in the Dragačevo region of western Serbia. Guča is a three-hour bus journey from Belgrade. 600,000 visitors make their way to the town of 2,000 people every year, both from Serbia and abroad.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Exit (also known as State of Exit) is an annual summer music festival in the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. It is staged annually since 2000 and since 2003 lasts four days.

31. July - 03. August

Gitarijada (trans. Guitar fest) is a musical festival held in Zaječar, Serbia in order to promote demo bands. Held since 1969, Gitarijada is one of the longest lasting festivals in Serbia and in South Eastern Europe and the largest festival of young and unsigned bands in South Eastern Europe.

15 - 18. August
NIS, Serbia

This jazz festival was re-established on January 19th, 20th and 21st, 1995 after four years of pause following the death of one of its original founders, Bata Anastasijević. Today's Nišville main award is named after him. The re-established festival was held on two stages at the Niš Army Club and it was international.


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