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Rostiljijada Barbecue Festival

26. August - 01. September

A competition involving local and foreign grilled meat (ćevapčići) makers, along with professionals and hotel management students. The event is accompanied by cultural and entertainment activities.

The Leskovac Grill Festival (Serbian: Роштиљијада, Roštiljijada, also translated as "barbecue week") is a yearly grilled-meat festival organiwed in Leskovac, Serbia at the beginning of September. During the event, the main boulevard is closed for traffic, night and day for five days, and all its way there are grill-stands constructed, to create many temporary restaurants. Many visitors from all over Serbia and many tourists from abroad come to Leskovac to enjoy a grill and entertainment. The organisers hold competitions, such as in making the World Biggest Burger - the Pljeskavica. The festival is the highlight of the season in Leskovac.


  • Oficijalni Naziv: "ROŠTILjIJADA"
  • Adresa: Leskovac
  • Telefon: 02 8781 1960
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