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International Jazz Festival "NISSVILLE"

15 - 18. August
NIS, Serbia

This jazz festival was re-established on January 19th, 20th and 21st, 1995 after four years of pause following the death of one of its original founders, Bata Anastasijević. Today's Nišville main award is named after him. The re-established festival was held on two stages at the Niš Army Club and it was international.

So far, Bata Anastasijević Award was given to: Yildiz Ibrahimova (Turkey), Hannes Beckman (Germany), Antoni Donchev (Bulgaria), Hans Tessink (Austria), Stjepko Gut (Serbia), Bora Roković (Serbia), Billy Cobham (Panama). The result of each of the festivals is a compilation CD called The Best Of Nišville, containing one song of each of the participants.


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