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Guča Trumpet Festival

05 - 11. August

The Guča trumpet festival, also known as the Dragačevo Assembly, is an annual brass band festival held in the town of Guča, near the city of Čačak, in the Dragačevo region of western Serbia. Guča is a three-hour bus journey from Belgrade. 600,000 visitors make their way to the town of 2,000 people every year, both from Serbia and abroad.

Elimination heats earlier in the year mean only a few dozen bands get to compete. Guča's official festival is split into three parts. Friday's opening concert, Saturday night celebrations and Sunday's competition.

Friday's concerts are held at the entrance to the official Guča Festival building. This event features previous winners, each band getting to play three tunes while folk dancers, all kitted out in bright knitting patterns, dance kolos and oros in front of a hyped-up audience.

An English party site,, has named Guča the best festival in the world. " Forget Glastonbury, Reading, Burning Man and Coachella: the wildest music festival on earth is a cacophonic and crazy brass band festival that takes place every summer in the tiny Serbian town of Guča in the western region of Dragačevo. " Said Miles Davis,[2] a Guča Festival visitor: " I didn't know you could play trumpet that way " The last festival took place 10 – 14 August 2011.

In 2010 the organizers issued an official call to the presidents of Russia and U.S., Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama, and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, to attend the 50th anniversary event.

2001 - 2001 was the first time ever that a musician, Boban Marković, got the highest mark from every jury member. Since then, Boban decided not to compete any more. Instead he performs three or four songs as a special guest at each festival thereafter. Attending the competition this year, among other dignitaries, were Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia (from the line of Black George, to whose uprising the music can be traced), and Zoran Đinđić, the prime minister.[5]

2002 - Attendance record was set in 2002, when Guča hosted in excess of 300,000 visitors.

2005 - A documentary about the festival was filmed at the 2005 event. In a visit to festival came Kiera Chaplin granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin.

2006 - In 2006 every 6th visitor came from abroad, mostly from Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, but also from New Zealand and Australia.[citation needed] The majority of the 1500 participants of the 46th festival were Roma from around the region.

Serbian brewery MB, the main sponsor of the 2006 festival, reported beer sales of 4,000 hectoliters, or more than 700,000 British pints. The event has also become lucrative for various travel agencies throughout Europe.

While visiting the festival, Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica stated:
"Guča represents in a best way what Serbia is today, what does its openness, belief in oneself, hospitality, party and music. [The] trumpet festival is a confirmation on our courage and joy both in good and bad times. It represents people's return to the roots, joy and meaning of life. It speaks about who we are, what we are, our urges. We express our joy and sadness with [the] trumpet, we are born with sounds of [the] trumpet, and also buried with sounds of [the] trumpet. Guča is [a] Serbian brand, it's a value that can represent Serbia in the world. Those that can't understand and love Guča, can't understand Serbia. If we are going to go in [the] EU without our melodies and colours, then we wouldn't know who we are."

2007 - On 10 August Goran Bregović who popularised the Serbian trumpet sound and Balkan ethno music internationally, performed at Guča.


  • Oficijalni Naziv: Dragačevski sabor trubača
  • Adresa: Guča, Srbija
  • Telefon: 02 8781 1960


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