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The event "Moba"

19. July - 19. August
LJUBOVIJA, manastir Sv. Nikolaj

The event "Moba", held in Soko Grad Monastery in the Diocese of Sabac, where young people gather in the Diaspora in various countries. Their stay is a new opportunity to socialize, but also to actively participate in some activities in the monastery. During mobe they have classes Serbian language, history, culture, sports, cultural and artistic events, visiting shrines in Serbia.

Action "Moba" organized at the initiative of the Bishop of Sabac Lavrenty, SPC, Diocese of Sabac, Serbia Heritage Foundation. Was designed to bring together young people from the diaspora originating from Serbia and young of other nationalities who are here socialize with their peers. Every year attend children in the United States, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. stored Young quarters, regulate yard, working in the kitchen, laundry room, and the boys are helping to build a new building in the monastery complex.

There are various sports activities, competitions. Lecturers are young people, teachers in colleges and schools in Serbia, so this is a nice opportunity to socialize and share life experiences. youth on organized trips to Serbian holy sites, interviews with monks and nuns.

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