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Why BEO Group?

20 reasons to choose BEO Group.

  1. From day one, since we opened our doors in January 1994, our services were established with the single aim of helping our people in Australia
  2. Our Money Transfer, Travel Agency, Radio Stations and Bendigo Bank agency were primarily intended for community support in Australia
  3. Our services are highly specialised
  4. We never stop looking for better options to suit our clients needs
  5. Our team is exceptionally skilled and experienced, always at hand to help
  6. We use the most modern equipment and technology, safeguarding your information
  7. We enjoy a fruitful cooperation with numerous Banks both here and overseas, which enables us to negotiate better deals for you, potentially saving you thousands
  8. During the hardest of days, we were the only link to our fatherland
  9. We provided immediate payouts, at times when this was almost impossible, even when phone lines were down
  10. We have been, and always be available to our customers for emergencies 24/7
  11. We have supported more than 500 humanitarian actions and will continue as needed
  12. We have supported and will continue to support cultural, sporting and other events and organisations Australia wide
  13. We provide work experience to eligible educational institutions in Australia, helping our youth grow
  14. We have sponsored three world champions: Yugoslav Basketball Team, FC Red Star, Tennis player Jelena Jankovic)
  15. All our services are in Serbian as well
  16. We are a company in Australia (from abroad) that caters to the largest client base in the homeland
  17. We are a company that listens to its clients, taking suggestions on board to better itself
  18. When you call us, you speak to a person!
  19. Others have recognised us for what we are, awarding us a number of prestigious awards and accolades. Visit the following link
  20. We have been with you for 20 years!


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